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cannot put back a sig   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 8/26/19 by krathyn3 (Phantom7031); 313 views.
I had a sig with a Persian cat and the nick krathryn that i used to be able to use. I accidentally deleted it from my My Signatures page although i still have it in My Pictures.
No matter what i rename it I get an error message that says something to the order of they already have that signature and it won't repost.
I can't access it from the list of sigs if it is there somewhhere hidden to me.

From: gunter


You say it's in your My Pictures ... what is the name you are using?  Right-click on the item and pick Copy Image Location and then Paste it in your message here.

Any image you use should not have spaces, make the name something simple like image1.gif or image3.jpg. 

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i do not seem to have the option to copy and paste, or to copy image location and paste.
i want to call it krathyn3.gif

Here is the code it came with if that will help:


From: gunter


Looks to be  in the top folder of your Files

Change/Edit your Personal Sig in your Preferences, wait for the editor to load,  then use Insert Image on the toolbar, From the Web, to add that address and Save.

does that work for you ?

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thank you, yes it does.