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Cannot access a forum   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 10/25/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 779 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)



One occasion, I clicked on a Promo that read interesting and I couldn't enter the forum. From prior experiences, I knew I was banned from it but had no idea why. Had to use the search tool to see who was the Host. After finding out, I couldn't remember ever having differences with the Host in other forums. Maybe the Host read something I posted that she didn't like so she preemptively blacklisted me from her forum.

I've noticed/heard, in particular forums, if your name shows up on the Visitors List and you don't make an Introduction post within a certain time period...they'll lock you out. Whatever that's about.



Maybe but in the example I posted to Jeri, that wasn't the case. There was another forum that I visited that had this Golden Rule of not allowing politics. I "accidentally" read one of the Hostess' friends typing something about politics so I asked the Hostess if this was allowed. My post went to Moderation Queue (as a first time poster) but never saw the day of light. The Hostess sent me an email, telling me that I was right but she wasn't going to allow my post to be read by anyone. She also accused me of being a troublemaker, that she knew me from someplace else, well, mere excuses not to accept my innocent POV.

It does happen, you know what! ;-)

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


I pretty much knew why I was banned, but was surprised it was for all of her forums since the disagreement had occurred on a forum where she was a mod, but not the owner. I felt bad as the one forum I really enjoyed. Forum owners have a legit right to run their forums however they wish. But as in all situations where customer service and attitude plays a part, when you ban someone from several forums, you may lose recommendations and new traffic. I won’t recommend a forum unless I have posted in it and enjoyed the visit.

From: kizmet1


Twice I have seen a promo, went to the forum and made a post which I felt was based on logic. After the first time I had the F word used on me and left. I didn't make a note of the forum I had been to but I guess I should have because I saw a promo on what was the same forum but I had forgotten the name and left a post on what I felt was based on logic and again, was given the F word by the same person. A person who was a regular there stuck up for me and said I was not a troll. Both times the mod kept quiet.
Why do mods use promos if they only want visitors who agree with the person who uses the F word?
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From: gunter


closing this now ...