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Star Ratings In The Opinion Forum   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Dec-5 by SxySock (CheekyChaton); 171 views.

I am a paying member who has my ad blocker turned off but still can not use the star rating function in this group. I notice that certain members can do so without issue. Is this something the owner can turn on and off for certain members? Shouldn't all members of a forum be allowed to use said function if it's available?

From:  SxyMartini (CheekyChaton) DelphiPlus Member Icon 3:29 PM 
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I am a paying member who has my ad blocker off. I cannot rate posts. Why is this?

Can I somehow tag admin from the tech support into this thread?


From: gunter


It's not something that can be limited to specific member. Most likely your browser or system is blocking the option ... could be an ad blocker you are not aware of or something simular stopping the function from working.  If possible experiment with different browsers or devices to isolate the problem.