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Was removed from several Forums   Account Maintenance

Started Jan-12 by gidagojoe; 186 views.

From: gidagojoe


I was removed from access for the Pa Southern Cruisers and the Pa Officers Forum.  You sent a message to Ken Gunderman Than I didn't pay my Forum account.  My name is Joseph Lape  and my account is not due till March and my payment method is UP to date.  I can't sign in to the PA Officers Forum and I was removed as administrator from the Pa Southern Cruisers site.  The mistake is on your end, NOT MINE.  I do not like to be wrongly accused of this mistake.  Fix it please.

gidagojoe / Joseph Lape


From: Kidmagnet


It's Kegger that needed to renew his account. If the other forum you cannot access was also private that could be why as well. It takes a Plus account to run a private forum, if the Plus is not paid it is dropped as a Premium and wont allow anyone but the host in, however Delphi maintains the Private designation.

I'm CCing Gunter on here as he is helping Kegger and is Delphi staff.

CC to gunter

From: gunter


If Kids answer above  doesn't help ...

It's not clear where the problem is. You are active on DelphiPlus and showing as in charge of

Can you enter there? is the forum where the member in charge needs to reup to DelphiPlus to allow access.

There are a number of PA sites, we need the forum url to correctly ID where you are having problems, which Pa Southern Cruisers ?

well get it straight with some more info ...

  • Edited January 12, 2020 7:43 pm  by  gunter