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Microsoft Edge Sucks   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Feb-9 by Len (AryehLeib613); 794 views.
Len (AryehLeib613)

From: Len (AryehLeib613)


I have big problems using Edge that I did not have with  Outlook

1. Copy/Paste a hassle. Instead of pasting from a document  a dialog  box pops up requiring CTRL-V pasting in  dialog. This fails to work half the time. Instead I generally copy/paste to Word and it works better from there.

2.Going to the next line used to require merely pressing Enter.  Now that takes the cursor back to the beginning instead of the next line. Using the Down arrow is required.

This will be a bigger problem when Outlook is discontinued.

I've never found any of Microsoft's browsers worth using. I've gotten used to and used Firefox for I guess, 20 years. I've heard...with Windows 10...that OS won't even let you download Firefox or Chrome. I'm still using Windows I don't know if that's true or not.

I did do a free online upgrade to Windows 10 a few weeks ago. Yikes! 2 hours later I had to restore my computer back to Windows 7...with 3 extra gigabytes of something, somewhere I can't find. That old saw seems to apply here..."If it ain't broke...don't fix it."




"...that OS won't even let you download Firefox or Chrome."

That happens only if you have Windows 10 in -S mode. They swear this is for your own 'protection', force you to download directly from Microsoft to stop malware infection.

A form of Fascism, IMO!

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I must have missed the -S mode class. Ah, for the simpler times: DOS 2.1, a 10 MB HDD you just couldn't fill up and a modem I could stick my phone handset into!



I was 'partial' to DOS 5.0 before MS decided to scr*w it with the failed 6.0 version.

  • Edited February 9, 2020 7:06 pm  by  MEDDLY
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Something happened when I moved back to Windows 7 Pro. It will no longer let me write a batch file. I spent a couple hours with the lame "administrator" settings until I almost locked myself out. I was going to reinstall Windows 7 from the disc...until I found out my DVD-CD no longer worked. Bought a used one off eBay, $20. By the time it got here...I'd already fixed everything. Time's up...I'll work around it.



Did you try using the Repair Disk you created? You did create one, didn't you?scream

In reply toRe: msg 7
I've got an Elton John CD, a Travis Trit CD, two movies and the Windows 7 Pro disc that came with the computer. That's it for disks. All the "rescue" I have is on two flash drives.



Oh, I misread you, your PC CD-DVD burner went kaput! That's a huge problem.

Sorry for the confusion (from my part).smirk

  • Edited February 9, 2020 7:40 pm  by  MEDDLY
I took the unit out, took it apart, removed the laser unit and cleaned it; spent the next two hours putting the laser unit back in...still didn't work. When I put the new-to-me unit in I opened the broken one up, saved all the little screws and stuff. Don't know why I do that...I just do. lol...