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Log In Problem   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Feb-12 by Beatlegeezer (LMW28IF); 314 views.

I'm back at Delphi after an absence of many years. I was surprised to find my member name still worked. But the old password didn't. So, I requested a new password, went through all the steps, but it doesn't work. It says something like "6-20 characters." I enter an eight letter name with two numbers at the end. It doesn't accept it, and it doesn't tell me why. Just has that one warning in red letters. Thankfully, I kept the temporary password assigned to me, so I was able to get in here today.


From: WaltHowe


Passwords can have letters and numbers, but no spaces or special characters. They are not case sensitive. If you copied and pasted, it will sometimes pick up invisible characters that make it fail. 

You're still here? Good news. I typed it in. I've tried it several times, typing it in every time. Even on the confirmation


From: WaltHowe


To set a new password after getting a temp password, start with the temp password as the current one, and then enter the new password twice. Is that what you did?

Yes. I read and followed the instructions.

Did you already get a reply from me? I sent one, but I don't see it here. Just in case it didn't...Yeas I followed the instructions. I just did it again. As soon as I put the temporary password Delphi supplied to me, that message pops up and I can't send in the new password I typed in twice.


From: gunter


Sorry this I working right, can't  immediately see a problem ... to go over this again, try this:

Log out and then come back logging in with the password you received at

Under the Preferences tab, Change Password, type in that password.

Then type in the new one you want twice ... no spaces, use letters and numbers only, at least 6 characters.  Press Submit.

let us know how if it still not happening ...

In reply toRe: msg 7

I have done this exact thing. Several times. The heck with it. I'll just use the temporary password they gave me. As it is, I'm having my computer remember it. So All I have to do is click and I'm in. Will the temporary password be good forever or will it expire eventually?


From: gunter


The password  will continue  working.

If possible, try with a different browser or devise.

strange ...

Ah, this is okay. When I access the login page, all the info is there. All I have to do is click. But thank you for your assistance. Good meeting up with you again after so many years.