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paste from Excel    Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Jun-30 by gamer99; 126 views.

From: gamer99


I'm having trouble pasting from Excel to Delphi Forums.  I copy my 1 page spreadsheet, go to Delphi Forums, select Plaay Games, go to PAWW (my thread), hit messages (Not Post because I want to continue w/ my thread), hit paste - which gives me a small box & a msg saying to hold control key & V key - then hit ok.  I do this and the new msg says that it won't take it because it exceeds 100000 words (it's only 1 page), and then it shows that page being created endlessly.  I tried the paste key (on the left) and the middle key for plain text, and they both portray the page endlessly.  My email is:  Hope someone can help me out.  Thank you, and have a good day.  

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Can you take a screen shot and just post the image? I usually paste it into paint, crop to the item (spreadsheet in this case) choose select all and then copy and paste into to post.
Windows has a snipping tool for doing the same thing. 


From: gamer99


Thank you, I appreciate it; but thankfully I have it figured out now.  Take care, and have a good day.