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Basic Account Be Private   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Jul-1 by Fancy Boots (FancyBoots); 763 views.
Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


And for the annoying big white space and extra scrolling

Well hey, I just want to thank you for your patience and kindness going over these things with me. I am sincerely appreciative.

(my last rant from the soapbox follows, not so much targeted at you, but at Dephi in general)

What use is there in utilizing a format (zeta) that requires new users to reconfigure their browsers? I personally doubt that new visitors are going to want to be charitable enough with their time to trouble shoot script blocker settings just to evaluate a new forum. I think the standard response would be for the new visitors to just dismiss the hassle, and go elsewhere.

I mean this forum, as well as the earlier forums I mentioned....loaded just fine in classic mode.

So, for me anyway I think that the "open zeta as classic" setting is going to be defacto.
I just hope that as ongoing development of the platform continues, they don't get overly comfortable developing new features for "zeta only" deployment. That would be disappointing.

Thanks again for your help!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Kicks keep getting (HarderToFind) said:

Thanks again for your help!

You're welcome!

Most websites I go to ask me to disable my ad blocker. Also some of Delphi's busiest forums are in Zeta and loads of people visit daily without problem. Take THIS one for example And these guys and gals arrive on all kinds of devices.

Anyhoo - you can view as Classic without a problem and seem not too fond of Zeta so - Problem solved !