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Delphi, a dying media??   Feedback & Wishlist

Started Jun-26 by Lurch II (valor); 1029 views.

From: gunter


I don't think many people would favor popups but nothing's different than it has been for some time. We have no indication of plug pulling anytime soon.


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Lurch II (valor)

From: Lurch II (valor)


"We have no indication of plug pulling anytime soon.


That is good to hear.


From: rendercat


Have noticed that this virus and the lockdown, has changed everyone's schedules. Far fewer have been in during this time. Hopefully as life returns to normal so will membership counts.
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Panda (panda261)

From: Panda (panda261)


Maybe go back to a free forum?

With everything going on in the world. Not many people can afford to pay to chat.

A lot of people enjoy having a signature attached to their post. But unable to afford it. Others like to be able to have fun in chat such as cHanging your name or using certain icons.. maybe if they can do that, People will come back?


From: gunter


noted ...

To be clear, a paying membership is not needed to chat, the Host needs to be DelphiPlus to run a chat room.

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Panda (panda261)

From: Panda (panda261)


No. Payment is required to chat and post..
Forums owners yes..

From: Kidmagnet


How would the service exist without fees? Perks and ads for all?

Hi Kid :)
I pay nearly $100 ( AU) for both Forum owner and Fotki fees...That equals $2 per week !
How much is a cup of coffee in USA ?

From: Kidmagnet


(It's 6am here and she gives me a math problem! smirk)

Delphi's file storage and media embeds could save you Fotki fees (but it's basic and lacks bells and whistles)

Coffee in Canada - i think fancy ones are $4-$5 information_desk_person

lol @ she gives me a math problem.
I love simple math....adding and mind goes berserk when in the

I just think that the Delphi Fee might sound a bit but when you think of it as less than a cup of coffee each week or whatever,I think the fee is very reasonable... I live on a pension and each time I renew the Delphi Fee I wonder to myself will I or won't I renew this year...
I always renew and think I always will... I have so many friends here in Delphi .