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Set-up to receive copies of messages ...   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Aug-22 by BG311; 197 views.

From: BG311


What must a member at Jesus' Place do to receive copies of posted messages?

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: Kidmagnet


1. They need to be a paying member. Either Extra or Plus

2. If they wish to receive only copies of the posts made TO them, then on their Preferences page tell them to enable both of these options as I have done so here:

If they wish to receive copies of every post made in a discussion(thread) they need to  make sure their Full Text notifications are enabled and then subscribe (follow on Zeta) On your forum they would click on the envelop icon I show with an arrow and 1.

Lastly if they wish to receive emailed copies of all posts made on the forum, after making sure they have enabled Full Text Notifications, they would click on the envelop icon I have circled and identified as 2.

You can link interested members to this discussion here (preferable in case they have questions) or just copy and paste (or screencap/take a photo of it) this post and repost in your forum.

Oh and lastly there is an option when composing a post (under Options, at the bottom of the compose screen) to send the reply as an email.) that's not advisable as members often get confused and assume the sender has their email address (which they do not)

I think I covered all the bases if not let us know :)

  • Edited August 22, 2021 3:04 pm  by  Kidmagnet