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Navigating Delphi Is Problematic   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 9/28/21 by JZBelle; 1090 views.

From: Kidmagnet


How are you logging in? Skip bookmarks. Also consider clearing the saved login cookies. Apple clears mine on iOS iPhone updates, not sure if it does with iPad though.

Same Julia... while there have been lagging issues reported the last member I worked with who experienced what you are had a bad bookmark. 

CC to JZBelle

From: JZBelle


I use a Lenovo desktop 98% of the time - don't go to forums much on ipad or iphone. I use bookmarks, and change those out regularly. When having difficulty I try to get to the Creative Arts page. It even hangs. When using the links in the friends dropdown list at any forum, it's almost impossible to get to another forum. It pops up with the log in block and then that doesn't work, so I must go back to FM and use your MY PREFERENCES/MY FORUMS method to get there.
Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


For me it is very slow to log in, once logged in it is not too bad but slower than other sites

JayJ (XJayJX)

From: JayJ (XJayJX)


Alot seems to depend on which browsers are being used as well as the output of the individuals internet.

Many of the internet services run very slow, while others are quite fast. I have not had any issues like those being mentioned, so far.

I've been using firefox and now and then Edge. I also do not allow all the items to be put on my browsers that they ask you to. and if they auto download, I go in and block them.

I have found once in a while, if I can't get something to work (buttons or whatever) I simply need to 'refresh' and issue solved.


From: gunter


Having similar results when logging in to MyForums with screen hanging.

letting tech know  ...


From: Showtalk


I have a link to my forums and I go in using that.  


From: Showtalk


I am glad I’m not the only one, but sorry it’s happening to you too.


From: JZBelle


Kid mentioned not using bookmarks - unless I misunderstood her post in this thread. I have several tabs across the top of my Chrome browser and that's generally what I use to go into Family Matters, Family Sigs, and Delphi.

I've had no issues today with logging in; page hanging - quite slow, but assuming that's how it's going to be. I'll just have to keep beating the post button until it finally goes. Still think I should not have to do that, but that works -- after a fashion.

I had over 2 weeks of internet issues so maybe that aided in my issues here on Delphi. I do not wish you any issues up here, but it's nice to hear that the top dogs up here have trouble sometimes too. I still must use My Preferences/My Forums to navigate to other forums -- the Creative Arts page hangs.

So, my motto -- don't sweat the small stuff -- live with it I guess. We pay for what we don't get, and maybe if switching to Zeta it would be better; however, the sig related users prefer the Classic and it's too bad you don't spend time on fixes for that side of the house anymore. Technology rules and the newer is not always the best.