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question allocation used   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Oct-16 by Royals1; 146 views.

From: Royals1


I am on the Plaay Delphi Fourm. I post pictures and have been for many many years of my sports replay games. I am on a different computer and I am trying to post pictures and all of sudden it states I used up my allocation. Is there a way to correct that or do I form a new name to continue my posting.


From: gunter


Not sure how you have been adding images all this time, if you're attaching them DelphiBasic has very little space, only 512k. Browser shouldn't make a difference.

If it's images you're adding, you'll probably be better off using Insert Image, there is no limit that way.

If you are using Attach Files you can make room by deleting old attachments. Click on any item in your list which takes you to the original message and Edit that message to get the pencil or x.
The Attachment tab on MyForums gives a list of old attachments.

let us know how it goes  ...