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Can't Change Password   Account Maintenance

Started Apr-27 by Della (PeridotEyes); 381 views.
Della (PeridotEyes)

From: Della (PeridotEyes)


Hi.   I can not change my password for my current account (this one.) I think I know the reason for this, which is, that the temporary password that is emailed to me shows an old username and not my current account username.  Even when I put in the old username it takes me to my current username profile page.

I once tried to delete the old username account and it instead deleted my current account as well and I had to have it restored.

Can you help me, please? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.



From: WaltHowe


You used the same email address for three different accounts, which breaks the password recovery process. There can only be one account for each email address. I removed the address from the other two accounts, which were closed anyway. Now you should be able to change your password. Send for a new password, if necessary, and it will be for your current account.

Della (PeridotEyes)

From: Della (PeridotEyes)


Ok, great. Thank you! :)

Cathy (237cats)

From: Cathy (237cats)


Della via
6:08 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

Cathy, I just realized the reason I cannot change my password--

I just tried to email member services but it came back undeliverable.

Below is the email I wanted to send.

Can you please forward it to Gunter or whomever? Or post it in the member services forum, of course without my personal email addresses...

Hi, I was able to change my password a few days ago but now it won't allow it. Can you please reset it for me, or something? I can't get into Delphi at all.

The email address I use for delphi is:


It is because when I put in the new code they send me it is going to my old dellmst username for Delphi.

Walt recently deleted that old account for me so it shouldn't even be showing up.

I put in my PeridotEyes, and my email address to receive a new passwd code but it doesn't work either.
Della asked me to send this to you:

Can you please forward this to member services as well?

I appreciate your help so much!


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From: gunter


Don't know where she sent mail, let her know the address to use is .

I've emailed her as well.

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In reply toRe: msg 5

From: toots743


She sent it to me at my email address and asked me to pass it to you.  I also told her how to change her password and her Delphi email addy, but she wanted to know from you. If you sent it to [removed] she should get the email. I will pass along the email addy.

  • Edited May 13, 2022 1:09 pm  by  gunter