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Forum Controls Access   Forum Management

Started Apr-27 by Stuperduck '05 (Raistlin43); 672 views.
I used to have the Wizard Key to the Colosseum Forum. I gave it to Alex Anatloe. Alex passed away a few years back. I have had mixed emotions about reviving the forum since that time. I have retained controls and I have been there off and on. Recently some changes have occurred and I would like to revive the forum and reinstate the privileges of people who were formerly white-paged from the forum and create some moderators for the promotion of the forum's revivication. In that light I am asking what I need to do to be able to attain certain controls like setting Privs for people. Even though I have access it keeps telling me that I have to be a Delphi Plus member...but I AM a DelphiPlus what is going on?
I would also like to be granted the Wizard Key for the forum. Alex is gone now, and it is appropriate for me to take it up again after a period of mourning.

From: gunter


Since the forum looks to be mostly inactive and you are Assistant I've transferred ownership to you. The forum should update in the morning and you'll have all premium options then.

let us know how it goes  ...

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Everything seems to be fine other than that I need to know how to give assistant moderator privs to someone formerly banned from the forum.
And thank you for doing what you did for me.

From: gunter


I assume you've unbanned and the member has entered the forum.

It takes a DelphiPlus membership to be Assistant in a forum set to Classic such as yours, without that a member can only be Editor and Chat Mod. Is that what's happening?

Anyone can be Assistant in a Zeta forum.

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Ah, ok, thanks for the info.
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OK, so, a person posting on my forum is able to post freely with Voice. His moniker is not on the "priv change" log and if I punch his name into the "Set Priv" thing and try to give hiom assistant mod privs it says that he is no longer a member of the forum. This person has

From: gunter


You are entering just the membername, not the nick? PM me with the name.


From: Kidmagnet


You can access his set privilege screen from one of his posts.

Click on his name in the header of the post once, and then on Set Privileges.

Does that way work for you? 


In reply toRe: msg 7
I figured it out. Thanks for all of your help, Gunter
Thanks for that advice. I will keep that in mind next time on a problem like this.
BTW, if someone was formerly banned, how can you reinstate them?