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Shoesoptional billing.   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started Jun-7 by Keep My Mom in your Prayers. (1NativeAngel); 204 views.


Shoesoptional has been billed and she can't get in to change it to no renewal.  She hasn't been on Delphi for a long time...I think somewhere in 2020.   Is it possible to have it changed to no renewal, or allow her to get in.   

Thanks for your help.


From: WaltHowe


She has not been billed yet, although it was due in a few days. I cancelled her subscription so she will not be billed. If her email address is up to date, she can always get a new password and log in.

Walt I just got a text from her and she wants to get in but she can't seem to do it on her cell...this is a quote: " My darn preference page and profile page showing forums etc., but no access"';

Her email address used to be    do you need her password???

Sorry about this but can you put her back on renewal??????


From: gunter


Suggest she log in using the link on top of our frontpage

She can email if that doesn't help, Subject: Can't Login.

In reply toRe: msg 4

I wl let her know... thank (((Gunter)))


From: WaltHowe


I put her account back on automatic renewal, so she will be charged in the next few days. Her email address was changed from the gmail address to a address  in 2020. She should write to so we can help her directly.

Thanks Walt... sorry for the mix up.  I'm hoping she wrote you all last night.   I have not been in touch with her.