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images not showing   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Aug-13 by Bankielass (irenek4); 446 views.

I've been having a problem with images not showing sometimes. It will be okay for a few days and then it will not show the images. It shows a little square. I can post a tag and it's fine then I go in the next day and instead of the tag being there it is the little square. Also when I first log in and try to reply to someone, the task bar doesn't show until I've refreshed it a couple of times


From: gunter


If you are inserting images from the Web they may no longer be available from the site after some time, or it takes a login to see them. Give us a link to a message where this is happening and we may be able to tell more.

A way around this is to first download the image to your computer and then insert it from there but that may resize the image, or use a files space like DelphiPlus Files where you have complete control.

Be sure to use a login or links that use https, not just http, such as logging in from our frontpage first , that may help with the loading.

My images are coming from Fotki who I've used for a lot of year. I've attached a screenshot.


From: gunter


Seems they show for me. Do you see missing images from other members?

In reply toRe: msg 4

Now and again I see it on other members but not often like mine. I wonder if the fault could be with Fotki or my computer


From: gunter


Do you see yours on that message now? Let us know when you don’t see it.

If possible, also try another browser to see if it's some setting there.

In reply toRe: msg 6

It's been okay for a few days. The longest spell in months. I dare to hope whatever caused it has fixed itself. Watch this space, Gunter :-))