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delphi plus info   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started Dec-5 by you are cool (Charm1968); 193 views.
how long does it take to be able to use the whole benefit of delphi plus it said I am a delphi plus member, but it won't let me in some of the features that plus let's me in with. I also have to get a member up on boaster she does my start pages and I can't do that till my membership status goes thru. I ended up with no money on my card last week just updated it back today.

From: gunter


The charge was processed just a few minutes ago and your forum should update shortly. Check back later this morning.

let us know how it goes  ...

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From: gunter


looks to be all set now ?

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yes gunter thanks for answering i got busy but it was working when I came back from my outing.