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Data breach   Technical Issues/Bugs

I was scrolling through the forum I frequent and notice I was no longer signed in.  When I entered my password I got a notice that this password was in a data breach.  I only use that password on Delphi… so has there been a breach?


From: gunter


No evidence of journalist integrity... (s00kie) said:

this password was in a data breach

Not sure what this means. Can you give us the exact message you received?

Browsers frequently  note that a page here is insecure because members can post images and links, but logins are secure.


From: WaltHowe


There has been no data breach on Delphi. Passwords are not kept except in encrypted form. Are you using password manager software? 

No, I'm not using a password manager.  I've never gotten the message again, though I've signed in several times.  

@Gunther I gave you the message at the time.  That was basically it.  As I said I do no use this password any other place so I'm not too worried about it.  Just curious more than anything and others may have needed to know if there had been one.

Thanks guys and sorry for the delay.  This last week has been a bit hectic.  :)