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Making a Comeback....?   Forum Management

Started Nov-13 by Madam Stan (melanarnia); 854 views.

Hello everyone,

First off I was very surprised and humbled to see my forum still up and alive after closing it to new posts many years ago when MySpace, FB and Twitter took away most people's attention. I feel like with the rise of AI/Algorhythms there could be a new dawn for Delphiforums so I'm having my first look around for over ten years.

Here's my queries before I step back in and invest in a paid sub:

1. Back when I set up my forum it was multi topic but in time became a niche - so the forum URL became outdated and we couldn't change it at the time without creating a new forum and losing all our content. Is there a way now to be able to change this, if we ask nicely (or flash the cash)

2. When I first came onto Delphi before setting up said forum, I created a member account with a really dodgy name which I wish to permanently change - I know you can have a display name but if people click on my profile they see the name I don't wish to be associated with any more. Again, you guessed it, is there a chance I could change this pretty please.

That's it for now, thanks in advance (amazing to see Gunter's name still associated with Delphi - a real blast from my past!) xx

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OMG that profile pic :-O 
(For the record, I don't want the MELANARNIA bit ha ha)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


You can start anew... new membership, new forum- new you if you like.

Delphi introduced a new interface since you left but it's not that new anymore. More mobile friendly for sure. However you can revert to the old one (Classic) if you like for desktop and your mobile view will be the newer. 

Welcome back!  

Hi thanks - but not looking for the scorched earth policy, there's 100s of thousands of messages on the forum that we'd like to keep for nostalgia purposes - that's the main draw of a return :-)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Gotchya - unfortunately neither the webtag (which no one really notices) or you actual membername (melanarnia) can be changed. 

You can also Start a new member with a new email address, visit your Forum atleast once, then sign in to the old member and transfer then ownership of the Forum to you new member option is with in the controls.
Gunter reminded me: Hosts can do that when they're DelphiPlus, else it takes us to do it.

From: gunter


Hosts can do that when they're DelphiPlus, else it takes us to do it.

Thanks guys! I shall definitely consider doing that then, just the webtag issue to deal with (the 'madmel' includes a 'deadname' which members have weaponized against me in the past so it's kinda a big deal.