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How to Restrict Access to Profile Content   General Information

Started Nov-23 by FieldNotes; 566 views.

From: FieldNotes


For a paid "Delphi Plus" account, the advertisement says you can "restrict access to profile content." How is that accomplished? I have a different account that is a paid "Delphi Plus" account, but I do not see the option to restrict access to that profile content.

On that other account, which is paid Delphi Plus, I DO have the option "Do Not Index Profile" checked, but that does not seem to restrict access to my profile. Is there something I am missing?


From: gunter


The wording may not be clear enough. Do Not Index just prevents showing Profiles in the public Browse Profiles section. Way back we were able to search there for names but that was discontinued as a security measure.  Profile will always be accessible when you enter a forum with a public Visitors list or via your name on a message.

You can turn off PMs in Preferences via the Member to Member Email link. That way only friends will be able to contact you through your Profile.

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From: FieldNotes


Thank you for the response!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Oh and you can also control which parts of your Profile can be seen and by whom. With Delphi Plus AND Delphi Extra there is an additional Link/Feature called Privacy and you can choose which individual parts of your profile can be accessed.

My Plus account showing the link


and my Extra account showing the options

In the Membership Comparison chart it leaves out the fact Extra members can control these bits as well.

Anyway, most of those bits are useless and if activated should either be set to No one, Friends or monitored often by their owner as both the guest book and Journal have comments sections.

The first page of your profile is always going to be public - some require you to be logged in but most do not. (why the difference? I do not know! maybe because they are also webtags???)


From: FieldNotes


Thank you so much for the detailed information and for showing me how to find it. I really appreciate this! Thank you :)