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Important News about Forum Webpages   Delphi Forums Announcements

Started by Ben; 1025 views.

From: Ben


*News Bulletin*
This decision has just been made and we wanted people to know about ASAP. The Forum Web Page that Forum Hosts have been able to create from their Control Center will be going away in two different stages over the next month.

Within the next two weeks, (and possibly as soon as next week) the redirect that leads people to this forum page will stop redirecting. For example someone tries to go to your forum by going to’sWebtag and instead they are redirected to a webpage with a URL like’sWebtag. It is this redirect that will be going away. To see a good example of how this works now, click on the following link. Instead of going the start page of the Medical Forum, you’ll be redirected to the Forum webpage.

In the next couple of weeks, instead of being re-directed to the Forum Webpage, this link will just go to the start page of the Medical Forum.

In mid July, all the servers we use are being moved to a co-location facility. When this happens the server that runs the www0 Forum Webpages will not be making the move. It will be retired and so will these pages. So by mid July you need to copy all the files or images that you need from your Forum Webpage or you won’t have access to them anymore.

*Important* You will still have the ability to use the Webpage tab in your Forums and link it to any webpage you like.

To clarify, these pages are not the pages or the pages. These are the Forum-based webpage that Forum Hosts create from their Control Center. Their URL is’sWebtag

If you have any questions please reply to this message.


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Firefly (1KYFILLY)

From: Firefly (1KYFILLY)


Hi Ben,
Let me understand this a bit better...After July the forum webpage will no longer be available...My forum webtag is if a member types that URL in where would it take them..To the start page? Or do I have to set up something else to get people into the actual forum?

From: gunter

6/21/01 will go to the start page ...

gunter Service

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Firefly (1KYFILLY)

From: Firefly (1KYFILLY)


Thank you Gunter! :)