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FTP Configuration    Navigating Delphi Forums

Started by Judy (MissDixieLee); 3597 views.

From: WaltHowe


As I said before, try Connect or File/New Site to set up your connection. Don't be afraid to try things; you can't break anything. If neither of those solve the problem, ask again.

Walt Howe Training Specialist

Illaya (Illayabrown)

From: Illaya (Illayabrown)



I am having difficulting getting into the Current Directory web.
I am using a G-4 mac with IE. I was successful a few days ago and wrote down the URl wher I was able to get in. It was as follows:,
when I do it now it throws me to a website that has nothing to do with DelphiPlus.
I need to upload some images. Help please, I am a computer novice and have gone to the Delphi FAQ without success.

Linda Brown


From: WaltHowe


I'm not really familiar with the web2ftp site. It sounds like you have the address wrong, but I can't help you there. If you post in the DelphiPlus Forum, someone should be able to help you out. That may be easier than learning a new method.

Have you tried the ftp link on your MyForums page? Are you familiar with Fetch for the Mac?

Walt Howe Training Specialist

Hi Walt, Since I don't know what I'm doing, I thought you might. I'll probably give you more info than you need since I don't know what is pertinent. I just downloaded a 30 day trial of CuteFTP 4.2,CuteHTML, CuteZIP, and CuteMAP.It's a pkg deal so why not play around? All 4 icon show up on my desk top. When I click on CuteFTP and put in all info it tells me I must be connected to internet first before launching. OK, I connect, go back to desk top, and continue putting in info as close to Forums FAQ as possible, hit connect and get a message from Delphi saying we are hooked up, this is where you go to access files etc. When I go to MY FORUM and try to access my web page I can't get in. Hope this is enough info for you to set my --- straight.

From: WaltHowe


I think you are mixing up functions. FTP is for transferring files, and related functions, such as renaming files, making new folders, deleting files, etc. -- the same sort of functions that you perform with Windows Explorer. You don't view files with FTP; you do that with a browser. You don't move around in Delphi with FTP; you just access your own storage space.

If you upload an index.html file (the usual default web page name) to the web folder/directory in your web space by FTP, then you will view that file with your browser with an address like this: (or you can omit the index.html part, since it is a default)

Or if you upload a graphic named, for example, mypic.jpg, you would access it with the address:

I hope this makes it clearer.

Walt Howe Training Specialist

Walt, I can see that not only are you an astute man , but a diplomatic one as well. You actually answered a couple of questions, but perhaps because I don't know what to ask, not my intended question, let me try again, and I really appreciate your patience.
I'm new at this, I'm exploring, I want to access my webspace and look around, maybe this has something ineresting in there, but I find I can't get in, after clicking on the link for if you can't get in that I can't get in there w/o an FTP.So, I get one, or in this case borrow one for 30 days. Oh ----, I still can't get in. Is it because there is nothing in there? Isn't this where i would build my own web page? Why is that choice listed in MY FORUM if I can't get in there?
New question. In order to use my new FTP do I have to minimize my internet screen in order to bring up CuteFTP off my desk top? It looks like a real handy thing to use but not too easy to get to the way I have it. Is this similar to the XTREES I once used on another computer?
Thanks again. Tawnie 12 says you guys are the greatest.

From: WaltHowe


Your web space has nothing in it to begin with (unless you had one of the old free templated web pages). You should see a "web" listing, which is the web folder that you can switch to by double-clicking. That is the folder where you should put files by FTP.

You won't have a web page unless you make one yourself or get help to make one. You can build one by learning just a little HTML code. See for some initial help.

You don't have to minimize your browser necessarily to use CuteFTP. You can have multiple windows open at the same time. CuteFTP just needs to be the top one when you use it.

Walt Howe Training Specialist

Thanks to you Walt I am now storing some grahics and photos in my webspace. Dont know that I would ever want a personal web page, but its nice to know Delphi makes the opportunity available. Come say hi to the folks at Palmetto High School sometime, play the alphabet game. Like you really have the time huh. Thanks again.

From: Anuk_Ausar


I just signed up for DelphiPlus.

I downloaded the freeware version of WS-FTP, installed, and ran it. I filled out all of the information according to the instructions given on Delphi's FTP Configuration help page.

I then clicked "OK" and a series of messages down the bottom left of the status bar appeared that resulted in the following error message in red type:

"...530 Not logged in.
!Logon failure, so quitting"

I triple checked everything (including my member name and password) and repeated the steps several times, and got the same error message, so I still can't get my web page set up.

What's the problem?