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Delphi merges w/ eHow and IdeaExchange   Delphi Forums Announcements

Started by Ben; 565 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: Ben


Dear Delphi Members,

We are pleased to announce that Delphi is merging with eHow and Idea Exchange.

This change will enable Delphi to continue as a strong and growing business. Delphi Forums will grow through cross promotion to an audience of millions of eHow and IdeaExchange members. Delphi members will also have access to the ideas and expertise that are the hallmark of eHow and IdeaExchange.

You will find the Delphi services expanding and improving because Delphi will receive new engineering and customer service attention and resources. All three sites will have integrated technology, content, and services. New features and other opportunities for members, hosts, and DelphiPlus Members will be announced in the weeks and months to come.

In addition to new features, new opportunities, and a stronger, healthier company, Delphi Forums will also be introducing a new domain name.Starting today Delphi Forums will begin to transition to and

For more details about these changes please go to

We have also set up an entirely new forum where all Delphi Members can learn about the changes and discuss them with other members and our Customer Support Team. We'd like all discussion to happen in this new forum so you can get quick answers and so the Hosts and Service Forums can still serve members as they're intended to. This new forum is called Fresh Start and is at:

Please read through the FAQ folder in the Fresh Start Forum and then ask any questions you like to learn more about these very important changes and how Delphi Members will benefit.


Your Delphi Forums Team

Edited 11/15/2001 1:51:25 PM ET by WALTHOWE