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Pop ups   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 6/29/17 by Paul (Kwihnai); 12583 views.

Well you are still in the index! I just saw you. Let me take a lookie.

You are there

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Ok I think I solved the problem with the pop ups , what I did was go into Safari and turn off all of it except the bottom four items.

also I set it where it says allow cookies only from current website that way you only get a cookie from them none of that redirect crap. So far my doing that has not effected the operation of my iPad in anyway I can figure.     Now I'm not saying I fixed everything but I have used it all day been on both forums for most  of the day I have not had a pop up yet.  Hope this helps some others.  If I have any issues I'll post it.

Excellent! Keep us updated. I'm so sorry I have been super busy and did not even have a chance to look.

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Message number 14 it seems to work

Great - I've been on my IPhone to both forums with no issue but I set my cookie setting the same as yours is now. Thanks for the update Paul.

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


well Gunter I thought I had eliminated  The gift you card pop ups but apparently not , I keep getting them. I was going to join the Delphi plus stage but I doubt this would stop it . So I'm going to cancel my membership in Delphi .  You really need to find out why this pop up only attaches it self to Delphi I have never gotten it on any other site.



I got my pop up again on an off Delphi site I'm pretty sure it has to be triggered by a cookie we keep getting. Even though ours are different pop ups and happen on different sites, that's my guess. And I think it's why I am not having any luck trouble shooting this here.

You don't actually need to cancel your membership, or PAY for Plus. You could try Extra(which removes the ads and has some other nice perks) for the free month and then cancel auto renew if you didn't want to continue.

@gunter Delphi's still offering that free month? lol