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Started 6/29/17 by Paul (Kwihnai); 9700 views.

From: gunter


There are some other reports like this. Can you give us more details where this hapoens, which forum and messages you are looking at, the address thzt shows on the browser?

I had some on my iPhone when I visited a WordPress blog then it started appearing on other sites. I removed all Cookies and Web Site data in Settings and they stopped.

I'm sorry you lost you books.

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Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


All I can narrow it down to is the Buzzards Roost forum and the Opinion Forum.  It does not show up,any where else.   Just talked to a guy onBuzzards forum he is having the exact same issue with his iPad it shows up no matter the message, I'll have wait till it shows up again to get the other bit you want.

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Yea I cleaned every thing out  reset to just like I bought it no luck.

i'd love to get my hands on the guy that makes those ads they would stop-:). Yea that was a small fortune in books, I talked to Barns & Noble tonight believe  it or not they can recover all,my books but nothing else.

There is a God

I think it is most likely adware. Once the cookie is on your browser and you land on a site that has an ad from them it pops up. I think it happened again and I was able to just remove the cookie with that name. (Mine was different from yours, but same behaviour) Truly annoying though!
Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Mine only shows up on two forums never anywhere else. But diligence I'll get it stopped.

Are they the two in your profile?
Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Yep I played with every site I have visited last night and that's the only ones it happens at.

ok - I'll check with my basic account and iPhone (safari) later on today.