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Pop ups   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 6/29/17 by Paul (Kwihnai); 12531 views.
I think it is most likely adware. Once the cookie is on your browser and you land on a site that has an ad from them it pops up. I think it happened again and I was able to just remove the cookie with that name. (Mine was different from yours, but same behaviour) Truly annoying though!
Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Mine only shows up on two forums never anywhere else. But diligence I'll get it stopped.

Are they the two in your profile?
Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Yep I played with every site I have visited last night and that's the only ones it happens at.

ok - I'll check with my basic account and iPhone (safari) later on today.
Buzz: (buzzard18)

From: Buzz: (buzzard18)


Hey kid maybe you can help me I see the Roost is no longer listed under current events is there a particular reason this is so?

Well you are still in the index! I just saw you. Let me take a lookie.

You are there

Paul (Kwihnai)

From: Paul (Kwihnai)


Ok I think I solved the problem with the pop ups , what I did was go into Safari and turn off all of it except the bottom four items.

also I set it where it says allow cookies only from current website that way you only get a cookie from them none of that redirect crap. So far my doing that has not effected the operation of my iPad in anyway I can figure.     Now I'm not saying I fixed everything but I have used it all day been on both forums for most  of the day I have not had a pop up yet.  Hope this helps some others.  If I have any issues I'll post it.

Excellent! Keep us updated. I'm so sorry I have been super busy and did not even have a chance to look.