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Update Email Address   Account Maintenance

Started 8/17/17 by The CrAzEy LeMmInG; WooWoo (ROBERTJVAN); 3772 views.
Not sure what's up, but I never got a notice for this one but I seen the new message for you on the "MyForum" page.

From: gunter


Difficult to nail when you're getting some. You mentioned another email address, that may be the way to go.

I've gotten this notice two days in a row. Used to happen with Comcast. Switched to gmail a year ago. Now it's happening again.

Edited to add: Quote: "We use your email address to let you know when somebody posts a message addressed to you, or sends you a message through your member profile." Now, if that notification bounced...I could see asking me to "update" my email. After I update the email it logs me in. Problem is...when I get logged in...that supposed email they sent me that generated that request doesn't exist as a 'New Forum Message to me'. Even though the notification supposedly failed...that message to me should still exist in the Delphi Forums queue. There is none.


From: gunter


It's not necessarily message notifications triggering this, it could have been other mail from here as well.

When you update/confirm your email address on login, that also sends a email thanking you for updating. Did that arrive?

Yes, the confirmation arrived. As to "other" Delphi Forums email...I can't remember Delphi Forums ever sending me unsolicited email. Especially since I confirmed this email yesterday.

From: gunter


No bounces showing from your account now, hopefully that took care of it.

There's always tomorrow! :)