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Problem editing Signature   Editor Help

Started 9/19/17 by Grandma Kathy ~ 27-yr BC Survivor!! (kvharris); 521 views.

I am having a MAJOR problem trying to update my Signature ~ keep getting message that says "Download Not Complete" even though it is OBVIOUS the download DID complete????

Also today, when I try to respond to a Forum message to me ~ I get the same "Download Not Complete" even though I am NOT ADDING anything to my response except words!

What is going on Delphi????


From: gunter


Something off with your sig perhaps - can you remove whatever is in there?

also logging out, rebooting ... 

In reply toRe: msg 2

I have tried all of that....  also, if I delete one of the signatures and try to add a different one, it says "already exists" even though I had NEVER added that happens even if I change the name of the "signature"!

 Oh well, I'll keep trying!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Kathy can you point me to one of your recent posts in a forum that has your signature block showing (not this one)

Never mind - found

Make sure any images you are uploading are named differently than the two in your current sig



Then follow these directions to add a new sig (just leave that one for now)

Don't name your new sig My Signature.... give it another name like Fall 2017 When you save it check the box that says Set as default.

If that works check back here if you need more help deleting the old one.