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Upgrade   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 9/20/17 by Very Merry SusieBeary (SusieKaz); 741 views.

From: gunter


Forums will return to full controls the morning after signing up.

However ...

You now signed up using PaypPal and got a free month of DelphiPlus, but PayPal charges $49.95 for a year.  You were on a Charter plan for $39.50 which requires a credit card.  Is that what you wanted? The Charter rate will not be available down the road if you do that.

Account controls are

  • Edited September 20, 2017 8:59 am  by  gunter
In reply toRe: msg 2
No, it wasn't what I wanted...I just thought I had better do it again as it didn't seem to work the first time I did it
What do I do now?
Thanks so much

From: gunter


We'll be able to fix it since you haven't been charged yet.

Your forums will return to Premium in the morning.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Gunter
In reply toRe: msg 4
Good Morning Gunter
My have reappeared in my forums but I am still getting ads...will they disappear too or is there something wrong
Thank you

From: gunter


Your account may be a bit confused with getting the payments straightened out.  Try logging out, rebooting if needed, to see if that fixes things.  Log back in from our frontpage using the Login button at the top.

let us know how it goes ...

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The Logging Out then back In did the trick
Thanks so very much
You guys/girls are awesome.