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getting into moderated forum?   Forum Management

Started 9/22/17 by krathyn1 (Phantom7031); 497 views.
recently a member of our forum which is under moderation, came on, posted with voice and had access to private folders.
The person had changed his username and it was at first scary that someone we "did not know" had come on and did not have voice or the access to the folders he was posting in.
How is this done?
He was actually a legitamate member with voice and access to several private folders.
I took the actions of removing the old name and Set Privs and re setting voice and private folders on his new username.

From: gunter


One possibility is that someone else released the message from moderation, did you check with others who have access to do this?

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maybe the person who came in like that? he is not a member of the staff any more (chose not to be))
the only other is the assistant and she was just as confused as i was..
the forum was still under moderation when i found these posts
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


 Editing to add

OK As we've been chatting I know that the stuff below will not help.

Check your Privilege Change Logs (controls - forum management)

One thing I can think of was if the person had not logged out with their old name and closed their browser out. Firefox is especially weird with caching. A new ID on the same login and same forum screen might have been able to access, that's only a guess though.