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getting into moderated forum?   Forum Management

Started Sep-22 by krathyn (Phantom7031); 401 views.

From: gunter


One possibility is that someone else released the message from moderation, did you check with others who have access to do this?

In reply toRe: msg 2
maybe the person who came in like that? he is not a member of the staff any more (chose not to be))
the only other is the assistant and she was just as confused as i was..
the forum was still under moderation when i found these posts

 Editing to add

OK As we've been chatting I know that the stuff below will not help.

Check your Privilege Change Logs (controls - forum management)

One thing I can think of was if the person had not logged out with their old name and closed their browser out. Firefox is especially weird with caching. A new ID on the same login and same forum screen might have been able to access, that's only a guess though.