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Profile Picture   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Sep-23 by Kakes2; 693 views.
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From: gunter


There are  no specific instructions, while looking at your Profile click on edit image and the chose either a supplied icon or upload your own image. Are you running into problems?

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From: Kakes2


No, I was trying to explain it to newbies and some not computer savvy.  I was hoping there would be a picture explanation to show them.  Some things so simple are difficult to explain if the person does not know too much about computers. Thank you for getting back to me.

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Feel free to copy and paste this to your own forum or send your members here. Sorry about the typo but that's pretty much like my watermark. lol



From: Kakes2


Oh, thank you kid, that is very kind of you to put this together.  I know it will help since most people are visual learners. Hope all is well you you, stop by when you get a chance.

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My chance are fast ones these days but I sure will. sunglasses

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EDITING TO ADD - I removed the extra code in that message now. 

Notice anything hinky... besides my typo. lol

That last pic I embedded - has a link above it. Not sure how that happened.

Trying again