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Multiple connection losts   Chat

Started 10/12/17 by Glyn (LnlyFella73); 366 views.
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Glyn (LnlyFella73)

From: Glyn (LnlyFella73)


You're welcome Gunter,

I don't have any of those issues. I haven't had that issue yet today. When I'm chatting, it suddenly goes to chat disconnect and shows the seconds to retry. The other thing is and I'm not sure if this is a factor but when I got windows 10 installed by someone else it hasn't been activated yet. Not sure if that's the problem or not? I first started using Zeta chat on Chrome and had these issues as well. Someone told me that using Firefox would be better and I've been using that now over a week.


From: gunter


Don't know about activation figuring in, you would notice problems elsewhere as well.

In any case, let us know if you notice a pattern of any kind, that's really the only way to nail problems like this.

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Glyn (LnlyFella73)

From: Glyn (LnlyFella73)


Sounds good Gunter and thanks so much for your help! Its been good so far today for me. Take care and have a nice evening!