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Scroll Bars   Editor Help

Started 10/13/17 by Bette O (boblak); 452 views.

Bette they have always been this way. It's how you view them. Emma explains here oh never mind you've seen lol

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


News to me though. Sooooo, it's  either go  back to IE  which would not be a smart move  as they keep closing down or put up with  the  gray and while scroll bar.   rage

I just emailed  you but you saw Emma's not already.

Yeah it's too bad, they look super nice the way you had them. Stick with the browser that works best for you though Bette.

Bette O (boblak)

From: Bette O (boblak)


I just checked IE, it's still doing the same thing. Staying with chrome, crazy scroll bars and all.

The Firefox browser has an add-on from NoiaScrollbars that allows you to pick a personal width and color for your scrollbars. It won't show for others in your theme...but it will show for you.