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Making a forum private   Forum Management

Started 10/16/17 by Dale (Rainbow1956); 584 views.
Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


Hoping to make it private pretty quickly.  It is for a gaming group and am having them check things out.  But I will keep you advice and instructions under hat. :)  One thing I have told this is the very quick response from support that I have gotten from Delphi for over the decade I have been a member. :)  I do appreciate that as it is rare!

If you do make the forum private you can Delete any members you do not wish to have access after doing so. You do that in Set Privileges.

Dale (Rainbow1956)

From: Dale (Rainbow1956)


Thanks!  I am fixing to upgrade in a few minutes.  I appreciate your responses.  Totally awesome!