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File Attachment Size Limits for Premium Plans   Attachments

Started 10/16/17 by Chris (z9y8x7); 510 views.
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Chris (z9y8x7)

From: Chris (z9y8x7)


Thanks gunter.  I upgraded to DelphiPlus. 

Similar but different question. After I upgraded, I tried pasting a small formatted table from Excel into a message (NOT as an attachment).  Then I tried it from Word. Then I tried it as a .png image, which was a tiny 33 kb.  In all cases, I got a "Waiting for file to upload" message that lasted forever (I cut it off at 30 minutes).  I have a very fast connection and am running Win 10 with the latest version of Firefox.  Ultimately I had to paste from Notepad which is unformatted and then spend 10 minutes in the Delphi message formatting it, which is somewhat futile as columns never line up very well. 

Any ideas why pasting a small image or gable won't work?


From: gunter


.png should have worked - drag it into the message or copy/paste or using Insert Image, and it shouldn't take much time.  As a test, try some other image file as well, such as .gif or .jpg  to see if that works.

There is a Copy from Word  icon on the toolbar, did you us that?

Use simple filenames, no spaces.

let us know how it goes ...

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Adding to gunter's reply...

If a file does not work or we cancel it before it fully loads adding another does not always work. In which case you have to cancel your message and start over (tip, copy any text you have already typed into that message to paste into the new one, saves a bit of frustration) You can try it out here (in this forum) if you like.

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Chris (z9y8x7)

From: Chris (z9y8x7)


Thanks, looks like it's working on my Win 7 Pro desktop.  Wouldn't work on my Win 10 laptop (powerful gaming laptop with 16 GB ram, etc, usually very fast).  Not sure why but I'll post from the desktop going forward.  Thanks.