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Adverts with soundtracks   General Information

Started 10/26/17 by Ian Billings (NORVIC); 680 views.
Ian Billings (NORVIC)

From: Ian Billings (NORVIC)


I know that I can pay for a no-ads service, but I am quite happy with what I have.

What makes me unhappy is when I am listening to a music track or live radio stream from another service while browsing my forums, and a Delphi ad with music or spoken soundtrack appears.  Not only does it interrupt what I am listening to, it is often very loud, and it loops all the time it is visible.  So if I am reading some detailed points on a long thread, this annoying row keeps blaring away - not even in the background.

Could you please stop these audio ads?

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Ian Billings (NORVIC)

From: Ian Billings (NORVIC)


I've just realised there's another unwelcome factor in those adverts, which also features moves of course.

If you scroll down to read lower posts, when the ad has finished its loop (including some silent time), after a while it restarts AND MOVES THE SCREEN BACK UP TO THE AD!!!

Thus one has to rescroll down to find the post that one as actually reading.  This is intolerable.

Using Firefox on Mac 10.10.5


From: gunter


You should not be getting ads with sound on. Can you post a screenshot of such ads ?

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Ian Billings (NORVIC)

From: Ian Billings (NORVIC)


It certainly happened for the last few days. 

I'll get a screen cap when I next have that interruption. 

After you hunt down the ad for Delphi you can also turn the volume off on individual tabs with Firefox. I'm not sure if an ad will trigger this but when there is something with sound a speak icon will appear in that pages tab. Clicking on it will turn the sound off for that tab only.


Ian Billings (NORVIC)

From: Ian Billings (NORVIC)


Thank you, I'll try it, though I'm not sure I've noticed that on FFx 56.0 for Mac.

OMG!!! You turned off FATS DOMINO???
Thanks for the FF tip.

Ha! Only briefly to take the screenshot ;) and you are welcome.