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If Upgrading to Plus or Extra   Forum Management

Started 10/29/17 by 1antoinette; 659 views.

From: 1antoinette


>>((((hugs)))) and so sorry for your loss.
THANKS KM you have found what helps my hurting heart the most.

>>May I ask you - what is your main enjoyment at Delphi Forums?

Sure---My answer may surprise you :o) I get an education of sorts simply by going in and reading in various forums. So even though I have my own little forum corner in the Delphi world (where by the way, I unashamedly promote healing hugs as a cure that can't be purchased in your local pharmacy) my general goal is to learn from others who have been around the block. (many of whom are far younger than myself).
I am really happy just meeting people like yourself who bring a special touch to both young and old alike. BTW, gunter is another person who has a "gift" similar to yours, but unique as well.

What I do on Delphi is not as important as who I become in the process. HUGS coming your way (((KM))).

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


I can totally relate!

If I were you I'd go with Extra, that gets rid of the ads and gives you most of the personal Plus perks.


From: 1antoinette


I will go and see about that option now. Thanks (((KM))) ooops--it only gives me the plus option (quarterly or annual)??
Think I just found it now in another area.