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Photo Orientation from iOS devices   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 11/12/17 by Head Honcho (Nick_In_NL); 2813 views.

From: Showtalk


It is because when you hold the phone upright to take a picture, you are actually holding the camera sideways.  Go to the image in your Photos and select the little hamburger looking icon or Edit if you have the latest update.  Then you can crop or rotate.  Then select done.  Every time I have done that, the image is the right direction when I post it.  

Follow Showtalks advice and see if that works. The super strange thing is yesterday I tested this and my photos shot in portrait mode are posting properly (with my iPhone) so I'm wondering it Apple fixed this with the last major update. Are you using iOS 11. something or other?

Editing to add I just tested it again and no good. So in other words I have no idea why my photos yesterday oriented correctly and today they are not. Something to suss out another day I guess :)

My best advice for the future is when using your phone as a camera... use it as you would a camera. I never use my DSLR in portrait mode and now that I use my phone for a camera as much if not more than a phone I never take photos with it in portrait either. And Video - they are plain awful taken that way ;)


From: Showtalk


I usually take pictures sideways, like it’s a real camera.  But I will play with some and see.


From: Showtalk


iPhone.  I do not have the newest upgrade yet.

Thanks for that tip - I'll do a few test runs when I get a chance too. The upgrade is buggy -I have not install the latest iOS update yet (I'm at 11.1.1 I think) but the bugs are only slightly annoying me. lol

From: Showtalk


I reorient the picture using the editing program but if people don’t want to do that, I can understand that.  For some reason, a simple edit, changes the orientation.  It’s posisble it doesn't work that way for everyone.  

che'k (checknitout)

From: che'k (checknitout)


experimenting with this now in: 

click on the image to get  popup ...

I already experimented with it elsewhere - works well, I gave a few suggestions to Cstar.