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Photo Orientation from iOS devices   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 11/12/17 by Head Honcho (Nick_In_NL); 2788 views.
Thanks for that tip - I'll do a few test runs when I get a chance too. The upgrade is buggy -I have not install the latest iOS update yet (I'm at 11.1.1 I think) but the bugs are only slightly annoying me. lol

From: Showtalk


I reorient the picture using the editing program but if people don’t want to do that, I can understand that.  For some reason, a simple edit, changes the orientation.  It’s posisble it doesn't work that way for everyone.  

che'k (checknitout)

From: che'k (checknitout)


experimenting with this now in: 

click on the image to get  popup ...

I already experimented with it elsewhere - works well, I gave a few suggestions to Cstar.


From: gunter


more options in the test forums now ...

Not working well with my iPhone. IOS 11

In reply toRe: msg 15

Ok just testing - still sideways here 

Weird - that last photo posted properly yesterday at this forum

If you read through I just took and posted another photo and it ended up sideways! Lol

Let me know if I can provide more details on the test forum.