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No mail again   Account Maintenance

Started Nov-23 by bankielass (irenek4); 2434 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Hi Irene , if your email provider is updating it's SPAM filters it might not be accepting email sent through a third party. Delphi uses a service: That information might be helpful if you can give it to your email provider.

Just recieved 2 e mail from you Gunter

I've been a member for years hon and never had a problem.  


From: gunter


I see you confirmed your addresss again, still no notifications ?

Notifications have resumed. I do hope it keeps working. Thanks Gunter


From: gunter


From: bankielass (irenek4)

4:53 PM

Here we go again. 53 new posts to me and not one notification. I am really over this. 

I just noticed that my subscription expiry date is December 20 2017. I have already paid for another year. Could that be anything to do with the notification absence? Why hasn't my expiration date not be updated?


From: gunter


Membership level has nothing to do with notifications.

You are on a free month trial, after which should send us a payment for a year of DelhiExtra. There hasn't been a charge yet.

I see.  Why does my notifications keep stopping again?  I just can't figure it out.

Hi Gunter, I'm still not receiving any notifications from my friends forums, please help thank you God Bless. Hope


From: gunter


Your provider is rejecting mail again. Did you add to your address book?

I suggest switching email addresses to gmail for instance. There are rarely problems with that provider.