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I am trying to change my password and it won't work   Account Maintenance

Started 11/26/17 by OLTLfan; 1872 views.
OLTLfan said:

My cat gets on my knee and then I can't use the computer. Lol

Mine does that when I use the laptop (on my lap) OK, I'm now typing with almost all ten fingers. grin

When you could not get in were you trying both the Password Delphi had sent as well as the one you were trying to change it to? ONE of those two should have worked, logically thinking. I'm wondering if the password you are trying to change it to is taking but the confirmation pop up is being blocked.

When you are feeling caught up and care to experiment you could  go to your Preferences and try again to change your password, but ignore the fact you do not get a confirmation. Then log out and see if the new password (the one you just changed to) works and if not, try the last one Delphi sent. If neither do and you are again blocked from signing on, then get a new password sent yet again and just keep it lol


From: OLTLfan


Hi Kidmagnet,

My cat is on the back of my chair right now.  I think that she is more tired at night.  Yes; I used the password that Delphi gave me and then I was trying to change it.  I thought that you had to change it once you got in.  I don't know; maybe I was trying too hard. 

To tell you the truth; I am afraid to do that.  I had to go all day not being able to get in.  I had about 10 messages and some of them are gone now; so I didn't get them all answered.  No thanks; I don't ever want to not be able to get in again.  sorry. 

OLTLfan said:

No thanks; I don't ever want to not be able to get in again. sorry.

lol I don't blame you - just keep using this password then. The system only suggests that as an extra security step. Delete your email from Delphi with it and keep it written down somewhere.


From: OLTLfan


I certainly did write it down; thanks.