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I am trying to change my password and it won't work   Account Maintenance

Started 11/26/17 by OLTLfan; 1866 views.

From: OLTLfan


Hi Kidmagnet,

My cat is on the back of my chair right now.  I think that she is more tired at night.  Yes; I used the password that Delphi gave me and then I was trying to change it.  I thought that you had to change it once you got in.  I don't know; maybe I was trying too hard. 

To tell you the truth; I am afraid to do that.  I had to go all day not being able to get in.  I had about 10 messages and some of them are gone now; so I didn't get them all answered.  No thanks; I don't ever want to not be able to get in again.  sorry. 

OLTLfan said:

No thanks; I don't ever want to not be able to get in again. sorry.

lol I don't blame you - just keep using this password then. The system only suggests that as an extra security step. Delete your email from Delphi with it and keep it written down somewhere.


From: OLTLfan


I certainly did write it down; thanks.