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Google login not working on desktop    Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Dec-11 by Adam Bower (AdamBower); 561 views.

I can't seem to log in on desktop with Google login. I wish I never started that way but I did. I'm fine on mobile but on desktop it says page not found, error messages like that. Is there any way to convert to a normal username password account or is this a known problem with a solution? 


From: gunter


No reason why it shouldn't work both ways.   Where is it you are logging in - from our frontpage use the login button at the top, is that here you get the error?

In reply toRe: msg 2

Yes that is where I'm getting the error. 


From: gunter


I do see the problem now and I'm letting tech know.

There is that Page Not Found error, but there also is a popup on top for the social logins, or when you close the Page Not Found, which should let you log in, do you see that as well?  Scroll down ?

thanks for the details ...