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File Space for URL files   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 12/26/17 by heavn; 1019 views.
In reply toRe: msg 3

As an addendum to what Gunter's said; Another way to "manage" your file storage space is to look at how many times that image has been looked at...or "downloaded". Older saved images that were in a conversation rarely get looked at after that conversation wanes off. Let's say you added an image to a comment back in 2013 that was 516k and got downloaded 20 times. Since more downloads. Good chance you can delete that file and it won't be missed. Were someone to reply to that comment years later asking, "Hey, what happened to that image?" could just upload that image back to your image storage and ask them to refresh the page. Then delete it again a day later.

Images in your file storage are also hosted by DelphiForums. In other words...were you to use that image URL on another site you comment on...DelphForums would act as a third-party imaging host...something other image hosters now charge for. (Thank you DelphiForums).

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From: heavn


Thank you so much for your reply and idea.