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how to change membership level   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started 12/29/17 by breezy (2Breezy2); 774 views.

From: gunter


You can cancel/stop renewal of DelphiPus at any time before you are due January 30. Then when you are dropped after January 30, you'll see the option for DelphiExtra.

HOWEVER, in your case,  you have some Private forums? Private forums will not work unless the Host is a DelphiPlus member. The forums will block access to anyone not staff.  If desired, you can set the forums to Public before you drop DelphiPlus which will allow access to any Delphi Forums  member. You will also lose options like coloring, extra staff and chat rooms.

let us know if you need more help with this ...

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fafa (suzare)

From: fafa (suzare)


Hey Gunter,

Thanks for a speedy reply! I forgot about the necessity for a Plus account for private forums. I'll stay right where I am :*))

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From: WhatsaMattahU


Hi gunter,
Sorry for piggy-backing this thread, but the subject matter is similar to mine.
January 14th my delphi Plus membership is set "yes" on automatic renewal. I would like
to change that level to Delphi Extra. If I follow the suggestion you've made to the chatter in here (setting the "yes" to 'No' and then choosing
Delphi Extra when it pops up, I'm concerned I may lose the details of my profile in the interim.
How do I renew/change to Delphi Extra without losing my profile info.
Also, will a Delphi Extra membership allow my profile to stay as it is now?

From: gunter


Changing your membership level won't change anything in your Profile.

let us know how it goes ...

Hey - you updated your profile today and I can still view it! 


From: WhatsaMattahU


keepin my mitten-covered fingers crossed lol thx