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Navigating message threads   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started 1/6/18 by simonjb; 848 views.

From: Cstar1


simonjb said:

Is there a way for a pc user to navigate more easily around discussions?

Yes, you can navigate discussions in several ways. In Zeta forums, you can click on the page number at the top of the discussion:

or on the navigation links at the bottom of the discussion.

In Classic Forums, look to the bottom of the discussion for the page numbers. 

In both cases, the page numbers are groups of messages that are based on the maximum number of messages you've selected to see in My Preferences. Most people set that to 20, but you can set it to any number. 

simonjb said:

If I have a discussion that I started and where I have read all the recent posts, I cannot find a way to go straight back to the most recent post when I re-enter the discussion.

That is kind of annoying in very long threads. I usually click on the last page number, then on ctrl-end on my keyboard to be taken to the last message. 

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From: simonjb


Got it. Thank you that will be a time saver.