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Not getting any notifications   Account Maintenance

Started 1/24/18 by Cathy (237cats); 1866 views.
In reply toRe: msg 3
Just today, not getting notifications, and was getting them just fine
Checked all the items and made sure preferences was set.
would like them back, please...

From: gunter


I see some email bouncing. Have you logged out lately? When you log back in there should be a note to confirm your address. Let us know if that fixes thing for you.

In reply toRe: msg 6

logged out and in again, actually did that twice.
email notifications still not showing up.

discovered it was at my end: the email server i use (centurylink) was doing some kind of rebooting and changing their face.
When I sent myself an email from another server (gmail) I had been logged out and had to be logged in to receive it, and voila! there were all today's notifications AND several personal emails from earlier in the day that i had also missed.


From: gunter


... good to hear another problem solved!

In reply toRe: msg 8
surprised too--everything is coming through just fine today