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No Longer showing 'zeta' chat   Chat

Started 1/24/18 by JayJ (XJayJX); 946 views.

No it says use legacy Java chat applet (requires Java) I need zeta chat to get in room with my Samsung smart TV so where is the zeta chat box to click

That's only for people who are actually wanting to use Java - they made a change this morning so that Zeta was the default in all forum. Have you tried to enter the chat room (without checking off a box)? Can you just click on the room name and see if you can get in? If not please come back and let them know.

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JayJ (XJayJX)

From: JayJ (XJayJX)


Thank you Gunter,

I guess that makes the most sense. It just gave me some 'morning confusion' LOL!