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I am SOOO Pissed Off   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Zerich; 3064 views.
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done! also once this is settled I will be happy to do up a tutorial on using PMs. It's all good, it's actually a better way to communicate as the whole conversation is there and not in separate messages. Also - BIGGER and easier to see. 


From: Zerich


I went through and deleted ALL past messages. I think things will be a lot better from here on. I have started fresh. Sorry for getting so excited and worked up this morning.
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Evidently...a delete wasn't a delete. Makes me wonder...when someone asks, "I've deleted a thread...can you bring it back?" The default answer is "no". Really? Is it really gone...or is the rule here - 'Tell them it's gone or we'll have a flood of people asking for things to be brought back!'
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No worries, you should be getting worked up!


From: Showtalk


I tried but I don’t care for it either.  I have many save messages. I got several new ones and could not locate them. I finally scrolled down and located them by time stamp but I much prefer Classic style messages.  If we can list everythung we don’t like as well as what we do like, that feedback will be most helpful. 


From: JZBelle


Kid -- I'm going to step in here because I cannot find my original post from yesterday where we were chatting.  All of a sudden, since the PM change has occurred, I am unable to get to messages shown in my notifications.  It is even worse when using the Messages to me button at top of page.

Not very often will it take me to the post it says.  It will throw me in somewhere in the thread, but no at the post.  Then I have to manually go and find the post.  Sometimes it is the last post (most current) and most of the times not.  Can a fix be made to help this situation?

Thanks.  This was not a problem until the change to the PM stuff.  I am getting used to the new PM setup and think I could actually like it.

>>>>I am unable to get to messages shown in my notifications. <<<<<

You cannot get to your messages when you click a link in your email notification? Where does it take you?


 It is even worse when using the Messages to me button at top of page.

Not very often will it take me to the post it says.  It will throw me in somewhere in the thread, but no at the post. <<<

It’s always worked that way - it takes you to the last message you read in that thread. Same for the Messages to Me link on the My Forums page 


From: JZBelle


You must be kidding . . . my notifications have always taken me to the post I'm supposed to be reading -- same with those for the thingie at the top.  I've not had to do any scrolling to find what I am supposed to read.

Just now, when clicking on the link in my notification for your post -- it took me to Zerich's #6 post.  In the past, it would have taken me to your post that I'm answering now.

It's been that way for me for a very long time - I guess I was lucky, huh!

Where does the link take me - for this one, already told you -- for others, some above the post -- not directly into the post I'm supposed to read.  Sometimes as much as 15 posts above it or even another page.

  • Edited January 27, 2018 5:10 pm  by  JZBelle

From: JZBelle


I should tell you that "some" times it will go to the post I should be reading -- like it did just now on one; but more than none that just is not happening -- as of 2 days ago.

  • Edited January 27, 2018 5:12 pm  by  JZBelle
JayJ (XJayJX)

From: JayJ (XJayJX)


It all sucks. It's no wonder new people do not want to come here. The few I have at one time asked to join have told me it is just too complicated and they have left.

As for this newest damage... Did anyone stop to think that some of our conversaitions parts that might need to be saved or want to be saved? Oh No, it's delete all, or nothing. and you can't go through the entire conversation to even take out things you might have wanted to keep.

I'm about at the end of my dealings here and I never thought I would say that.

Too many bad fixes, and no good ones.

Add to that that most of everyones chat rooms are completely dead... so at that point, what's the point?

Promises with no back up